Small Business Owners Deserve:

Accounting Solutions That Allow For Greater Focus On Business Needs, Accurate And Timely Financial Insights That Help With Critical Decisions, and Relevant Content and Expert Consultation That Enhance Owner’s Knowledge.

We help small businesses get their books on track. Schedule a free consultation and get your sample financial statements today.

See Your Company Performance in a Digital Snapshot

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That’s why Know Your Number Accounting PLLC goes the extra mile when sharing your performance reviews with you. Each financial statement includes crucial data and insights in graphical form, allowing you to digest the information easily — and use it to make pivotal decisions about the direction of your business.

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Restore Your Cluttered Accounting Records Professionally

No matter how disheveled your books might be, we’ve got great news for you: there’s hope. Know Your Number Accounting PLLC has the talent, expertise, and organization skills that’ll help you restore your records to brilliance. Shake off the headaches, hand your mess over to us, and get back to focusing on your business while we act as your cleanup crew. We’ll get your books into tip-top shape and make sure you never lose track of a transaction again.

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Get Insights & Answers, Whenever You Need

Once we have all your accounting records in order, we’ll keep the state of your books pristinely organized by filing every new record and transaction away neatly. This meticulous organization allows us to peek into your books at any time, and provide you any information you need within minutes. Finally, you’ll have access to every answer you’ll ever need, without having to waste time rummaging around for it.

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The Guidance You Need to Set Actionable Goals

By working with Know Your Number Accounting PLLC, you’ll gain the insights and information you need in order to make important decisions for the future of your business. The next big step is to actually do something with it. Our talented forecasters won’t just tell you what things look like in the present. They’ll give you valuable advice about what things could look like in the future, and toss you a few helpful suggestions about what it might take to get you there.

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External Audit Support When You Need It

Audits are demanding on both time and resources. We control the procedure and concentrate on fulfilling substantial and complex auditor requests.

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Navigating sales tax audit data for accurate reporting

We also offer

Small Business Education Tools

In addition to sharing helpful tips and definitions with you in friendly conversations, we’ve also compiled some helpful resources

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Small Businesses Trust Our Work


My books are now in tip top shape and this has allowed me to stress less about the financial accounting and focus on what I love to do… Create for my clients!

Jennifer Reese 

Good Gosh Ganache 


They make one of the toughest aspects of having a business a breeze! We rate 10/10 and would highly recommend to any business! You will not regret it!

Lacey & LJ LeTourneau

2A Energy


Absolutely terrific! Whether you're a non-profit or a small business, they're friendly, they're communicative, they're right there with you the whole way.

Tim Pylate

Armand Bayou Nature Center

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