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At Know Your Numbers, we simplify the process of digesting your company’s financial data. Our easy-to-read graphs and color-coded charts provide a comprehensive picture, serving as a crucial checkpoint for your financial journey. Gain key indicators of your business's direction with our expert insights.


My books are now in tip top shape and this has allowed me to stress less about the financial accounting and focus on what I love to do… Create for my clients!

Jennifer Reese 

Good Gosh Ganache 

Simplify your company’s records

As a small business owner, we understand your time is valuable. Know Your Numbers offers concise, easy-to-comprehend financial snapshots, allowing you to understand your business’ financial situation at a glance.

Illuminate problem areas

We dive beneath the surface of the numbers to analyze what makes your small business tick. By tracking daily, weekly, and monthly ebbs and flows, we help you identify and address potential danger zones. Our team provides clarity and guidance to resolve any pre-existing issues.

Track your progress over time

Access comparative financial statements that reveal how your business performs compared to the prior year. Explore trailing 12-month balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow reports to uncover thought-provoking trends.

Set realistic goals for your future

Our digital snapshots empower you to set clear goals. Whether establishing or adjusting your budget, our experts guide serious small business owners toward financial success.

(Don’t have a budget? Learn more about setting up a budget for your small business.) 

Why trust Know Your Numbers?

We recognize the value of knowledge. Know Your Numbers is committed to providing a comprehensive and digestible illustration of your company’s financial statements, helping your business thrive. Got questions? Our experts are ready with fast answers.

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