Financial Ratios

Free Financial Resources for Small Business Owners

At Know Your Numbers, we pride ourselves on providing free small business education for our clientele, and any small businesses that need a brush up on accounting terms and ratios. 

Who should watch these financial resource videos?

If you’re here, we likely made these for you.

For small business owners, having a foundation of accounting knowledge can be the difference between success and failure.

When you don’t yet have the resources to hire an entire accounting department, much less a single full-time CPA, the weight falls on you to keep track of important financial information. Therefore, it’s imperative to become familiar with financial ratios, know how to calculate them, and understand what they tell you about your business.

That said, anybody who needs an entertaining explanation of financial ratios can benefit from watching our education videos. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business and you like being prepared. Maybe you’re an accounting student, looking for a fun way to supplement your dry textbook equations.

Whoever you are, we’re happy to share our knowledge. 

What do these financial resource videos cover?

As a small business owner, there are certain terms, equations, and pieces of financial information that you need in order to thrive. We have made these videos as simple and entertaining as possible, in order to get this information into your brain in a memorable way.

All of the following topics have their own video:

In each video you’ll get an explanation of the ratio, its equation, how to calculate it, and what it means for your small business.

We suggest watching them in order to get an overall picture of the fundamental financial ratios you’ll need to understand in order to effectively run a small business. Or go a la carte! The choice is yours.

Know Your Numbers is also happy to answer any of your accounting questions as they arise. Contact us here for quick, expert advice.