Hidden Hills Ultra Adventure

Hidden Hills Ultra Adventure

3 Weeks from Race Day:  This week we discuss the importance of failure and do a deep dive into my longest and most important run of the week, Saturday's 20 miler.  Next week, we will discuss the unique challenges that the Hidden Hill course will present from a nutrition and hydration perspective.  

 4 Weeks from Race Day:  Changing things up a bit.  This week we discuss an important lesson learned from training.  Due to a couple of important missed workouts, we focus on "How To Use Your Calendar To Achieve Your Goals".  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a video and I'd love your comments on how you will use your calendar to reach your goals!

5 Weeks from Race Day:  Strength, Perseverance, and Running: Hidden Hills Ultra Adventure 5 weeks from Race Day: His upcoming race will be the Hidden Hills 50 Mile Ultra Marathon. This video features Coach Jesse Zavala from Mind Right Endurance discussing this past week's training.


Monday, April 11:
30 Minute Stationary Bike

Tuesday, April 12:
LTHR Test - 30 Minute Run
Strength Training

Wednesday, April 13:
1 Hour Tire Drag

Yoga routine

Thursday, April 14:
1 Hour Hill Repeats
5.50 Easy Run

Strength Training

Friday, April 15:
Complete Rest

Saturday, April 16:
20 Mile Run

Sunday, April 17:
10 Mile Run


6 Weeks from Race Day:  This week Mark dives into what a routine workout week looks like, including the successes and failures.

Monday, April 4:
1 Hour Tire Drag

Tuesday, April 5:
Morning Hill Repeats
4.67 Easy Run
Strength Training

Wednesday, April 6:
Strength Training

Thursday, April 7:
7.86 Mile Run
4.67 Easy Run Strength Training

Friday, April 8:
1 Hour Tire Drag - Workout NOT Completed

Saturday, April 9:
20 Mile Run
Yoga Routine - Workout NOT Completed

7 Weeks from Race Day:  This is the first video documenting Mark's ultra marathon training and racing.  His next race will be the Hidden Hills Ultra Marathon. This video discusses his history with running ultra marathons and his incredible team.

Mark has run in five ultras:

Brazos Bend 50 miles in December 2019

Brazos Bend 100 kilometers in April 2021 

Paris (TX) Pair 100 kilometers in September 2021 

Bandera 100 kilometers in January 2022

Rocky Racoon 100 miler in Huntsville TX in February 2022

Mark's Team:

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You can follow Lisa Ferrara, Owner of Focused + Fit Nutrition and Mark's Nutrition Coach, on Facebook and Instagram

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